This is History

Alexander the Great

 Alexander the Great was a great Macedonian King, and fought down to Egypt and India. He was born in 12:00 in the night, so it should be pretty rough. I forgot to say, he was also an excellent fighter. His teacher was Aristotele, and Aristotele gave so many Homework to Alexander, that Alexander was not sleeping on a pillow but the book of Odyssey. The great poem of Homer, that says the sail of Odysseus, trying hardly to get to his kingdom. Ithaca. Odyssey is the biggest poem in the world you know. If you did not know, there there is an extra fact. Where were you? Ah yes. Alexander the Great isn't really related to the Odyssey, but I just wanted to explain in what type of fat book Alexander was sleeping on, and don't get me to how heavy it is even to hold it. Alexander was one of the best leaders in all Ancient Greek History. He lead his men all the way to Eggypt and India!!! Nbody has done that before.